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The Ram mount has a long flexible arm that lets you position the iPad where is needed. Great concept, however the disadvantage is having that long of an arm. When you have a flexible arm that has the amount of weight of an iPad and holder on the other end it tends to wabble very bad, and droop a little when you put the iPad in the holder. The concept is nice because you are able to position the iPad where is needed, but unless you have the iPad against the dash or resting on the console it bounces everywhere. The arm is in the passengers knee as you drive, which is also not a strong point.

The actual holder is nice, much nicer than ProClip or the China holders. The holder is much thicker plastic than others. The downfall to their holder is that you have to again have two hands to take and remove the iPad from the holder. The clip is real tight against the ipad also, and I can totally see the iPad getting a mark on over time. You could buy China mounts for the price of ours.

Up until this review, I wondered how other companies could be making the holders and selling them for less than ours. That was until I tested them and compared them to the Padholdr.

Windshield Mount for Tablet: onicycacefoh.tk

The vehicle specific kits come with detailed instructions on how to remove your dash panel, and bolt the bracket into factory bolts holes. Once the bracket is bolted into the dash you have your selection of step off plate, 6,9, and a 12" arm that allows you to position the iPad where is needed. The bracket and arms are made out of steel and aluminum then powder coated black. The actual Padholdr is made out of a high gloss acrylic material.

The spacers are meant to be installed depending on the thickness of case that is used. There is also tensioner adjustments on the side of the Padholdr to adjust the width of the case.

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We also added felt inside the Padholdr, so you wont have any issues of having your iPad scratched when taken in and out. Attachments are also available for your phone, keyboard, etc. The one downfall to all of the mounts including Padholdr is the vibration when driving. The way that Padholdr fixed the problem was adding a bumper to the back of the holder that rests against the dash. Once the Padholdr is installed properly there is almost no vibration. The actual holder allows you to easily take the iPad in and out of the holder with one hand, which is a very nice feature compared to the others tested.

Great unit, and worth the price. If I found that one of the mounts was superior to the Padholdr, I would have been making some changes on our product immediately, but after using them all I can honestly say Padholdr has the best unit on the market, and you get what you pay for. Feb 23, Nov 22, Messages: Here is a nice collection iPad stands, mounts and car headrest mounts. Interesting article. Very surprised to not see our products on there.

I'm guessing the companies listed paid to be on the site. Our vehicle specific mounts and stands are superior to competitors in the industry.

We feel very confident of that. Ncaissie Expand Collapse. Mar 18, Messages: Yarrenbool Expand Collapse. Jun 12, Messages: I did a lot of research before buying a car mount for my iPad, then returned it as it was useless! Then ordered another which really suits my needs.

Best Car mount on the market for any tablet

By buying the 'ToughGuy II' holder, though more expensive, I can keep my iPad in its case, and plug it into a charger. For me that made spending extra for the ToughGuy II worth it. So it means ordering the individual parts; the dual suction cups, the 6" extension arm, and the ToughGuy II holder. For me, well worth the extra trouble and expense. It suits me but there are two problems others may not like.

best ipad car mount

One, it isn't cheap especially with the dual suction cups but those duals do give me a lot of confidence that it won't fall off the windshield if one of the cups comes unstuck. What might be a second problem for some, but doesn't bother me, is that the kit I purchased can only be used in landscape orientation, not in portrait orientation. With its dual suction cups it is rock-solid, thus it is the "best" car mount for me.

Nov 23, Rudinater Expand Collapse. In Stock. List Price: You Save: Mount was just what I was looking for! It is mounted againts the rear window and stays put. Product is of good quality and adjustable to get it to the right angles. Add to cart. My sloped Trailblazer dash needed a secure, low profile mount that would hold my Samsung Tab A tablet low enough to not earn me a ticket, but high enough to be easily visible when used for navigation.

Indoors I wanted a table mount separate from my bluetooth keyboard So tablet placement could be as high or far back as I want. This does both perfectly see pics.

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Sticky suction base locks tightly to my dash. I leave the plastic sheet on the suction base for table use. I did have to take a fine file to the part of the bracket that mates the tablet holder to the suction base to get a perfect, tight connection between the two, since the bumps on the bracket were too large to allow the bracket to slide far enough to reach the locked position without filing.

If you need This holder is designed for bigger device. I used it for my iphone plus even it says for tablet. It holds my iphone plus pretty well, as other holder usually couldn't hold a phone that big. My review on this product is as follows: The things I do like about the dash mount are: Which I do like.. This is the best windshield mount that I have ever purchased. It works well and holds my smartphone snugly. I like the ability to flex and shape it into different angles. I have a large deep-dash Navigator and extra length allows for an easy reach.

I use this product to mount my tablet on my dash to use as a dashcam.

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  • 7 Best iPad Car Mount Kits for Safe and Fun Family Trips.
  • The suction cup has an adhesive on it so it hasn't come off my windshield since I put it on three weeks ago. The arm does a really good job of locking into place. I have the bottom part resting on the dash to stop it from shaking with the car. The rubber on the inside of the clamps is also really good.

    My last tablet mount just had foam glued onto the inside of the clamps. I like the way this one is set up much better. Espinal USA. Very strong holds iPad mini very steady. Only 7 left in stock more on the way. The Nook Color fits very tightly in the mount, to the point where it's a little difficult to remove.

    10 Best Car Tablet Mounts 2018

    This is actually a good thing, since if you want to mount it in portrait mode the only thing keeping it in place is the mount's tight grip. I've driven and flown with it and have not felt the least concerned that the mount will let my baby fall.