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Apple executive's response to email correspondence from an affected customer summarized that it was normal for aluminum to scratch. Some users reported on the Internet that the white model leaked light behind the screen, though the issue was not unique to the iPhone 5, as it also affected other Apple devices. Techcrunch reported that the iPhone 5 sold out twenty times faster than the 4 and 4s models.

Apple said that they were "blown away by the customer response". He points to initial hardware sales of only five million, compared to projections up to twice that, as the primary cause. Since the release of the iPhone 5, discounts on previous generation iPhones have enabled Apple to maintain a market lead in the United States and Japan, but the iPhone continued to lag behind the combined total of Android phones in the global market.

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Speed Up Your iPhone With This iOS 9 Glitch

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How-To: Disable iOS SpringBoard animations and make your Home screen feel faster [Video] - 9to5Mac

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Apple pushes yet another version of iOS 9.3 to fix activation bug

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May 24, Retrieved October 11, Retrieved October 4, The Mac Observer. Retrieved September 16, Users found a workaround using Siri voice commands, then Apple closed that loophole in iOS 9. You get the picture: Yesterday the company released the second beta of iOS 9. No hacks, tweaks or loopholes required.

Just fire-up both features and they run seamlessly side-by-side. While this was the logical outcome, Apple should be praised for ceding to customer demand. Interestingly iOS 9.

iOS 10.3 slow to update

Better late than never. Of course the flip side to this is the number of iOS 9. As Apple supports an ever wider array of devices and apps some of this is understandable, but it does eat away about the platform's biggest advantage over Android: Decreased battery life , keyboard bugs , and general performance glitches are always a risk. But the reward stays the same, while the risk gets higher, the older your phone is. If you're happy with the way your phone is running, there's little need to take that risk.

It is worth noting one major point here: It's worth reading up on these fixes, and factoring them into your decision.

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  8. In some cases, it will be worth the risk of avoiding the update. And given the speed at which Apple has been rolling out iOS updates lately, and then more rushed updates to fix the bugs in those updates, it's not unthinkable that an update could bring new vulnerabilities too, as we saw with macOS High Sierra.

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    If you're happy with your older iPhone, it's fine to leave it be. Forbes reports that the happiest users of older phones still use some variation of iOS 10, or even iOS 9. At the very least, don't update immediately after the rollout.