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If computers with operating systems Windows , Opera is the most popular browser among mobile phones si smartphone fixes may is definitely a clear leader. From iPhone on simple java phones, Opera is the most used application that helps us surfing the Internet on your mobile phone. After a little while, Opera released a new version of dedicated mobile phone operating system Symbian S As both graphical interface Opera Mobile and Opera Mini Ideal for those who have Mobile Internet subscriptions limited traffic.

Your email address will not be published. I have been unable to reach the non-mobile mode of Yahoo! It is as if you are forced to be in mobile mode. I really like Opera Mini 5, but do you have any answers about this? I was wondering also if it was possible for this proxy browser to have some pseudo-HTML5 capability: I was able to get the streaming URLS from two HTML5 sites, one audio and one video, and plugging them in did work, so the problem is connection, not playing.

The Web has evolved and now relies on complex JavaScript to handle most site logic. Opera has suddenly stopped working and restarted. I have lost all pages. Is there any chance to get them back? Also I am not sure how to locate folder with saved pages. I have found folders for other apps , for example: How can they be recovered?? If Opera Link was enabled you can get your bookmarks back by logging back into Opera Link. I have a seriuos problem: I have opera mini on nokia e7 , and i have had saved many important pages on it..

opera mini 6.5 Java

They were ok few days ago But suddenly they corrupted!! Please help me if there is any solution for this situation!!

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Thanks a lot. You could try power cycling the phone. That might fix the problem if the corruption is only in RAM or a cache rather than the actual saved page files. If you save a new page is it corrupted too?

If it is try reinstalling the same version of Opera without first uninstalling the old version. When reinstalling if the phone asks if you want to keep the old data say yes. I deleted 8.


My problem is: I cannot open saved pages which is file manager. I would like know how. This solution is for the Symbian version of Opera Mini 6 but I suspect it still works for the current versions on other platforms that let you manipulate files on the device Symbian, Android some Java but not iOS. Opera Mini 4. You need to have Opera Mini 5. I just wondering if its possible to transfer saved pages between different versions of opera mini.

For example when one is upgrading from say opera mini 6. Also do upgrades erase saved pages from earlier versions. Your asisstance will be most appreciated. While there are no guarantees, when I upgraded from Opera Mini Java 6. Manually transferring saved pages from one Opera Mini installation to another is not supported. It may be possible in some cases using the method described here: Saving pages on most phones requires a memory card and may also require using a signed version of Opera Mini.

Please help and thanks in advance. The only workaround I know is to download to internal memory and then use a File Manager app to copy the downloaded file to external memory. Opera mini 7. I was unable to change the saved pages location from phone memory to memory card. There is no option for changing the save pages location in settings in opera mini 7. Thank you. The Java version of Opera Mini will work on Symbian phones and lets you change the saved pages folder.

Either use the Java version or install the Symbian version on the memory card.

You should be able to save as many pages as will fit on the memory card. You could try filing a bug report at https: How to transfer the saved pages of opera mini to another phone….?????? Please help me…. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Hi Dennis. I am waiting for a mem card for my new LG g phone. As soon as I have it working I will try Opera Mini 7 and post. There is nothing wrong with your phone, Opera has just changed the way they displayed your feeds. Display by Feed no longer shows the number of feeds, it now jus highlights which feed has a new item by making that feed font in bold now.

Opera Mini 5-7 Tips and Tricks

Try it again, but do not use the fullscreen option. Using fullscreen will just cause endless crashes. ALL those go away. It sounds like Opera Mini getting corrupted. That can happen if you use the red key menu to end suspend is OK the app. Hey Dennis. It happens sometimes when I am trying to download something. It only happens on OM v.

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Not 4. Hey Dennis: What does that mean? I did a little diggin n UCbrowser 8. Hey Walter. I know this is the opera mini comment area, but have you checked out the UC Browser v. I did check out the ucbrowser tho, and it might be something that works well on your phone. Thank you Dennis, as well. Welcome to the BoostApps community and thanks for sharing the links to Myxer, Mobilerated and Google maps. Yeah, no problem.

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Let me know if any of them worked. Hey there. Ok, here are a few. I am going to give you the addresses. That has all sorts of free ringtones, wallpaper, etc. That one is really cool. That one saved as a new application. Try them out. Hi Shelly let me ask u, on Opera 4. The phone I have is a Motorola model wx But thank you for the reply: