Samsung galaxy s2 overheating problem

Normally you should see Display, Android system, and Cell standby at the top of the list. If another process or app is listed on top then this might be the cause of your phone overheating. Try to use your phone in this mode and observe if it still overheats. If you see an improvement then find out what app is causing this issue and uninstall it. Another factor that may cause your phone to overheat is a faulty SD card.

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This usually happens when your phone tries to access data on the SD card and it is having difficulty doing so. You might want to try taking out the SD card from our phone and observe its operation. One final step that you can perform if the above suggestions fail is to do a factory reset on your device. Just make sure to back up your data first.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery Drain and Overheating - Solved - Android Lounge | Android Forums

Hi, I have looked at your website and tried a couple of the suggestions for problems with an S2 and hope you can help me. Sadly the battery died completely. Ironically it was the night before I had an appointment at my local phone shop to upgrade my phone package and get my new phone!

Re: Facing overheating problem while using Samsung Galaxy S2

Can I check somewhere on a googlemail acct if contact details are there and would my photos be in the same place? I cannot get my contacts off the phone some are on phone and not SIM and I cannot get my photos either. Is there anything more I can try please? If after changing the battery and the charger your phone still does not turn on then it may already be a hardware issue in which case you have to bring it to an authorized service center for checking. If you have activated the syncing of data to your Google account then you can access your contacts list on your Gmail account and your photos at Google Plus Photos.

To check on your contacts open your Gmail account on a browser. On the upper left side of the screen just below the Google logo you will see a dropdown list that will usually default to Gmail.

Click on Gmail and below that you will see the Contacts choice. Click on Contacts and you will see your contacts list appear. This works if your phone contacts has been synced with your Gmail. To check if your Photos have been backed up just open your Google Plus account on a browser and click on Photos. Since a couple of days ago my Gmail-app is not giving me instant notifications for new e-mails.

I did however disable some autostarts for Google Services Framework in order to resolve a wakelock, but that was 4 weeks ago.

It seems to sync eventually — this morning I found a notification for an e-mail that was received 6 p. Upon entering the app I find the e-mails there. Is there a way to solve this? Assuming that all the settings in your phone are correct auto-syncing then this could be an issue with the app itself or an Internet connection issue. I have tried recalibration trick and didnt work.

Same issue. My battery in her phone works fine. Obviously a phone issue.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery Drain and Overheating - Solved

There might be a lot of processes running simultaneously on your device which is causing this battery drain issue. Try to start your phone in Safe Mode and observe if you still have this problem. If in Safe Mode your battery life improves then you might want to find out what app is causing this and uninstall it. This actually seemed to work on some occasions but not this time.

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  • Overheating near camera and battery drain.

Its driving me nuts! Anyone else have this problem? From the way you describe the problem there could only be three possible causes. The battery is unlikely to be the component getting hot unless it's defective, of course. Phones and tablets don't have active cooling systems like fans inside desktop computers or laptops, and usually don't even have passive cooling like heatsinks. This means that for cooling these chips rely on whatever ambient environment there is - usually nearby components like the camera in your case or sometimes the case of the phone itself.

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