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But Kantar's data shows that Apple is also doing extremely well in terms of broader market share. IPhone devices made up It is, as Kantar chief of research Carolina Milanesi notes, "the slimmest 0. But even accounting for margin of error, it underscores Apple's win: Data from Kantar a year ago pegged Apple's sales at BII Apple is holding on to a sizeable chunk of the market.

But Android is eating the rest.

Global smartphone sales by operating system 2009-2018, by quarter

The quality of Android phones is getting better and better, IDC says, and that offers a long-term challenge to Apple. But that occurs after Android adds about million phones, while Apple adds only 63 million — and its share sinks to Apple doesn't gain share — it merely loses it to Microsoft's Windows, a humbling irony, at least in the IDC scenario. For a long time, that was because Apple's strategy in the East — low distribution and high pricing — was feeble.

That may be about to change. Apple had a big launch in China with wireless carrier China Mobile in January.

The iPhone 6 Had Better Be Amazing And Cheap, Because Apple Is Losing The War To Android

Apple offers the old-model iPhone 4S in some developing countries as an entry-level phone. Analysts are now expecting growth for Apple in China. Apple is asking the question, do you want to pay three times as much for our phones? While Apple as a hardware vendor, has done admirably in terms of sales figures, iOS vs.

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Android as an ecosystem paints a sorry picture especially, when it comes to smartphone market share. Apple has been able to increase their market share in China by 5.

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Stick with us as we try to find out! One of the most interesting facts that are highlighted by the Kantar quarterly report , is the distinction between Apple as a hardware and smartphone vendor and iOS as one of the two OSs, that rule the smartphone industry.

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That provides us the perfect segway to take a closer look at what Android has been able to accomplish as an OS for the 4th Quarter of Last year has been a mixed year for Android in general. Turning our attention to the numbers, Android has lost some ground in all the key markets when compared to the last quarter. This year we see pretty much the same thing happening with drop off percentage points in the matured markets of US and China being at 6.

The worst hit, however, came from Japan where Android lost Looking at the long-term perspective, we find that Android has improved its market share in most of the major geographical regions, except China and Japan, on a rolling month basis.

Average iPhone Price Increases To $ And Android Decreases To $, Says Report

Android made its presence felt in Europe with a YoY increase of 4. Driving sales for Android in the price conscious markets of Europe, are brands like ZTE, Huawei and others, especially in countries like Italy and Spain. However, the Chinese market belonged squarely to iOS, a fact we will expand on in the next paragraph.

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The holiday season has always been the best season for Apple and Q4 continued the trend for Apple with iOS gaining market share in all major geographic regions, with the release of the new iPhones 6s and 6s Plus. Amidst all, the QoQ growth figures lurks a much more dismal tale.

We will look into what those numbers mean for Apple a while later, first a look at how the 4th Quarter stacked up in terms of the 3rd one for Despite all of this, we find that Apple has lost its market share over the period of the year. In the US, it has fallen by 8.