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It has got all new features with a great new look and functionalities. The various features are mentioned below:. The latest version of chat on is included.

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So hats Off for that to samsung amazing service. You see the active apps! Locks very fast. Download the Multiloader V 5. The passwords are correct. Please try out once again. It worked out for others, it must for you too. Enjoy Flashing. The bluetooth is not working.. I cannot transfer files. Moreover i am not able to change any theme and also not able to access gmail…. Hello, thank you.

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Bluetooth is working properly in every device that I have done Flashing and even others who have Flashed their Phone. Just goto Samsung Apps.

Remember to create an account in it And download any theme as per you likes and you will find it your menu. Just double click it and it must get installed. I am sorry, I will let you know about the problem in a short period. But it did work for me. Thank You. Hi, its being 3 month from updating from 1. A warning comes out. FOTA engine not installed. But be careful and check the mods before installing.

If yes then the updates should not happen… And will not too! M a Gadget freak n take my words this phone is above every1s expectation. Sagar Desai 14 Oct, Hallo friends, I have a samsung wave 2, its a good phone. The best feature of this mobile is its camera quality. Thanks to its HD video quality.

Most of the features in android are also available in Bada. Sreejith S S 9 Nov, With the kind of phones Samsung has in its kitty, this one is a real disappointment. I made a mistake to buy this phone and am repenting now. No OS support. Its really handicapped. What is the use of 1 GHz processer when you cannot use it.

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I dont see it any better than a Corby. The hardware does not in anyway tends to be useful with the kind of software this phone comes with.

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Bada is useless. The interface is childlike, you cant even resize the fonts. Lots of small glitches. Samsung, scrap b Kalesh Menon 25 Oct, I have the previous version of this phone gt , so far have a bad experience about it. No doubt the phone looks good and has great hardware, Its the software that is the issue. Some of the limitations of the phone are -Limited no of applications -Most of the applications are paid -Lot of bugs in the software -Kies software provided by samsung is hopeless sorry, that the first thing that came across my mind.

It failed to update my firmware and hence bricked my phone. Eventually had to use a Rahul chodankar 2 Oct, Even the last hope for bada user, upgrading to tizen, got shattered. Samsung is neither going to further support bada os nor they will merge it with tizen. Most probably bada 2. Hadi Sharifi 3 Feb, I am using samsung wave 2 since about 1 year now..

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Intialy when i bought this phone i was not aware of what difference an OS can make to your phone but now since I m abroad I realise waht mistake i have made getting this phone. No Use of the front camera as no app available for video chat. No VOIP available which are av Have doubts regarding this product?