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While other games on this list have you managing resources, units, commands, battles, and so much more all at once, ICE is about one single goal: There are a number of bases on the map, claimed both by enemies and remaining unclaimed at the start of the game. As you tap around the screen, you move your series of units around the board, taking over command of the bases by using your pre-spawned units. The only rule you have to follow is simple: Your skill trees have three unique choices that increase your odds of victory: You need to download Plague Inc. You have never seen such a strategy before.

After all, only here you are fighting literally against all mankind. About the popularity of the game says at least the fact that almost all the leading publications around the world wrote about the project. In this strategy with stunning graphics, your main enemy will be the plague that continues to spread around the globe. You need to rally the remaining humanity and fight back diseases.

But not everything is so simple.

Kingdom Rush

In Plague Inc. And there are five special mutations that turn people into monkeys. In a word, download the game and start tracking the epidemics, keeping them under control! The game looks really gorgeous in all respects, starting from the idea itself and ending with its implementation. Customers rating: You can also check: This is the most popular game, the goal of which is to attack enemy buildings. The best that could be invented for Android, was collected in the game Kingdom Rush for free.

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In the game, the player is invited to go through many missions designed for one, competing with the computer mind in the form of the enemy. Overcoming obstacles, we will gradually move towards our most important adversary — the sovereign of demonic creatures. Our opponents will be all sorts of dark creatures: At each location there are several roads.

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On these roads, the player is attacked by monsters and you need to fight back. For this, you need to build buildings from the towers and manage the characters. The towers can be armies of archers, crossbowmen, squads of knights, unions of magicians, and the like. Characters also have their own characteristics and you can pump their skills.

Best Strategy Games for Android Offline / Online - Free Download

A large number of strategic moves are used to go through the locations. The levels that have been completed, will give bonus points. Points must be used to upgrade weapons, and characters. The first levels will seem simple to you, but over time their complexity will increase. Also, the game has high-quality graphics, detailed animation and style. The music and sound is also at a high level.

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In the game Kingdom Rush on Android, there are almost no flaws, it is ideal for those who love strategies on smartphones. The gameplay of Bio Inc is simply gorgeous. In order to get to the end, you will need dozens of hours. The plot of the game is very original and unusual. We are accustomed that doctors are obliged to treat us.

And what if any of them would think of forcing the patient to die by all available means? The game features 12 levels with different passages not similar to each other, which means long exciting hours of the game. More than a hundred biochemical conditions represent a wide scope for imagination in the development of diseases.

The game also aims to develop logical thinking, attention, speed, and sleight of hand. Here assiduity, attention and a good memory will help you!

Top 8 Offline Strategy Games For Android

Fire Emblem Heroes for Android — a tactical role-playing game from Nintendo first appeared on consoles, and is now optimized for mobile devices. Starting to play, gamers will get acquainted with a certain group of heroes, with whom you will go on an adventure. Each warrior has unique abilities and incredible strength.

They have special weapons and skills. In addition, each of the warriors has its own history of origin. You can get to know him closer when you play. Try to take part in serious confrontations in order to win and earn money. Develop your own strategy. There is always something to fight for and with whom to lead the opposition.

In addition, pump units and perform heavy tasks.

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  • The game contains several locations, which you can navigate using a global map. Communicate with the characters and learn new information. In addition, the characters can get interesting tasks for which you earn money and experience.

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    At a certain location, you can take a limited number of soldiers. Features of the game are that thanks to the weapon you can understand, you need one or another character. Try to pick the best team and arrange a real massacre. We hope you enjoy the game, so we recommend to download Fire Emblem Heroes on Android right now and for free. The post-apocalyptic world again knocks on your smartphones, offering you a new strategic epic of Total Domination — Reborn. The game takes place in the future, on the scorched war land on which you will need to build the base of the future, equipping it with super-modern weapons and strengthening it for future battles.

    Be prepared to fight a lot and often, because to survive in this world, you have to fight, taking precious resources with a battle, and freeing the land from potential rivals, not letting their development progress and exterminating them at the very beginning. After years of hard survival in the expanses of post-war space, and attempts to adapt to life in the Wastes created by nuclear war, mankind faces a new danger that puts all of humanity on the verge of extinction — artificial intelligence, which considers the complete destruction of humanity as its goal.

    Based on this, you will have to reconsider some of the principles and interests that existed before, because as soon as you unite and gather in one power structure, you can win this war with unequal forces. A very peculiar strategy that has no analogs in the world of the gaming industry. The game Tentacle Wars is a bright mix: Events take place in the body of an alien creature.

    The dangerous virus attacked it, and now almost all the cells have been mutated. Management in Tentacle Wars for Android is carried out through the touchscreen, and the gameplay is based on the capture of enemy cells with special tentacles. With each level, the game process will become more complex, aggressive invader cells will come to replace passive infected enemy cells, and you will have to defend against their tentacles. The developers have created a dark and dramatic atmosphere, complementing it with bright special effects.

    All fans of science fiction should download Tentacle Wars on Android, but the game will appeal to fans of dynamic puzzles. A large number of levels will immerse your in this atmospheric world and will not allow you to escape until the alien is saved from this terrible contagion.

    The game Defense Zone 3 HD is a sequel to the well-known action-strategy. The developers have added a lot of new things to it, the weapons have become much larger and better, the landscape is now the most diverse, and a huge number of other interesting features. Now your favorite game has become even more interesting, cool and dynamic.

    The plot of the game remained unchanged, you have to go through a huge army of armed enemies to break through the defense. The enemy has become stronger and more evil. Therefore, it will be necessary to try very well, to invest all our strength in order to achieve the goal. For experienced players, as well as for beginners, there is an excellent addition in the form of regulating the difficulty of passing. Thanks to it, everyone can enjoy the game. New players will be able to practice right at the beginning so that they can successfully move on to more serious battles.

    Experienced will be able to go through the most difficult and very cruel battles, where everything must be solved in a matter of seconds.