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While all the games in this list are free to install, they all also come with in-app purchases that can give you that extra edge against your foes on the battlefield. That said, we made sure to only pick games where in-app purchases are not required to enhance in-game experience, and all the multiplayer games listed had team-balancing features to ensure fair and even gameplay. So, without further ado, here are the 10 best free shooting games for both iOS and Android. If you're a Counter-Strike junkie, then you'll feel right at home with Critical Ops. It's a multiplayer FPS in its purest form, and it does away with elements that often ruin the experience of online combat.

There are no pay-to-play schemes here, so big spenders and experienced players don't have a distinct advantage over free and new users. The game even omits the typical reward-based system of earning cash to purchase higher-grade weaponry.

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Critical Ops pits counter-terrorist units against terrorist cells in two scenarios: Once you've picked a side and a match type, simply choose from an assortment of firearms and proceed to play. Though graphics and weapon selection aren't as great as other FPS games out there, you'll quickly disregard these shortcomings and appreciate the simplicity of the game once you're deep in online combat.

The Binary Mill earned a name for itself with the excellent Gun Club series, which featured ultra-realistic firearm simulations. They've taken what they've learned and applied it into their fantastic entry into the crowded zombie FPS field, Fatal Raid.

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The game features great graphics, as well as silky smooth gameplay and animations, so folks who prefer realistic gameplay should love it. Overall, it's got a bit of a Dead Trigger 2 vibe to it, though Fatal Raid certainly has its own merits. Fatal Raid comes with a great, anime-inspired story-driven campaign mode that's sure to keep you keep you entertained, especially as you test out your weaponry on all the hapless undead that come your way.

You also get a PvP mode to go up against other players in simplified maps designed for head-on encounters to guarantee fast-paced combat. As is common with this genre, your character, along with precious loot, can be upgraded and leveled up to help keep you as sharp as a razor. Though, as with the other games in this list, you don't have to pay to get ahead. The game is extremely fast-paced, almost bordering on chaotic, which makes it all the more addicting.

By duking it out with your opponents in various objective-based game modes, such as team deathmatch and conquest, you can credits that are spent to unlock new firearms and weapon customizations. Experience gained through combat also levels up your character, which, in turn, unlocks special perks to help give you that extra edge in combat.

World of Tanks Blitz is one of those games that evokes feelings of sheer terror, though it's followed by the exhilaration that comes with facing down and ultimately defeating a Soviet IS-3 , all while armed with an inferior medium tank like the German Panther. This game arguably requires the most skill in this list, as you have to take numerous things into account when battling. You'll need to attack from the right angle to penetrate armor, maneuver to get behind the enemy, and most importantly, coordinate with your team.

There's no shortage of tanks to choose from in World of Tanks Blitz, but you can only pick one at a time, so make sure it fits your style of fighting.


Tank destroyers are great if you love to snipe, light and medium tanks fit well with scoot-and-shoot gamers, and heavy tanks are perfect for defensive players. Introduction dans le VIP Belote.

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