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Helping you find cheap gas. It may not directly aid in budgeting activities, but it can sure make budgeting a lot easier by lowering your variable gas expenses each month. Download GasBuddy, put in your zip code, and it will bring up all the gas stations around and what prices they are currently offering, based on crowdsourcing information. There are also a surprising number of social features and even a chance to win gas money. Combine it with the budget app for iPhone of your choice for a great pairing. You can download GasBuddy here. This budget app offers ID protection services through Experian, creating logins and providing a space to see credit and ID alerts if something is raising red flags.

You can monitor accounts, study your spending categories, and track all your expenses when you make them to help control your monthly budget. This iPhone budget app also works with Passbook. You can download BillGuard here. Go is a little hard to find — in large part because of that unassuming name — but once you do find it, it can go a long way in saving you on your monthly fixed costs. This new app helps you manage insurance in a brand-neutral environment. Rather than collecting and comparing insurance quotes from a variety of different companies, Go pulls all the information in for you.

It offers methods to save with your current insurer or save by switching services, and offers updates on the latest changes that may allow you to save. If you want an insurance tool to use on the go, this is it. You can download Go here. Make Your Money Smart. You can find the App here https: By the way, I like your blog very much and find it very helpful, even more from a European perspective as budgeting is not as common here as it is in the US.

Reading your articles was actually one of the starting points for SmartWallet. Hi Pedro — Is there or is there going to be a Windows 8. We are working on a web site where you can manage your wallet, export data and some other nice features. We expect to release it in September. Not the best method. I have to agree with you — I did a little more research after posting my comment and found the system to be a little odd. Thanks for your input! Hello, Found your blog this week and have gotten a lot of insight from it so far.

We need out of debt and need to balance all the sports activities along with our household bills. To help make a budget and stick with a budget, I want to use an app that can link between by Mac computer and my cell. Most of my credit card companies were found, but 2 small department store ones were not.

Sorry for the delay, Becky! Honestly, given your situation and criteria, I would go with a manual entry option. Just focus on tracking your expenses one at a time, and checking on your categories as the month progresses.

PocketGuard (Android, iOS: Free)

Great info, guys! What about an app that integrates bill payment tools? Like something where I could set up due dates and reminders, and check off bills that are paid and perhaps have even cleared the bank.

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Mint seems to be able to do this, but only with bills that are recognized in their system my landlord is obvi not listed. BillGuard has similar capabilities, but lacks a budgeting tool. Any thoughts? Wait…I take that back…looks like Homebudget does that…. It solely focuses on the ratios between your spending, saving, and income. The simplicity of this app will make your daily and […]. A few questions for you: Do you have a strict regime of checking the status of your accounts x many times per day?

Do you manually enter in e v e r y transaction? What about month to month bills? We spend minutes a day on our finances. We do manually enter nearly every single transaction. And then once a month we spend an hour or so analyzing our budget, changing category amounts, tracking our net worth, and looking at our financial state of affairs. Could you please take a look at our foreceipt app for tracking all your financial needs? It also tracks all your bank account balances. You could find our app here https: Some are free and some are available to purchase. Get your finances straight by using budgeting apps like these.

6 Awesome Apps for Managing Your Budget

They are so helpful and easy to […]. I have downloaded the free lite version of Homebudget to see if it feels like the right app for me. We are just starting a budget for the first time this year! A bit misleading, especially when I start entering all the annual payments I want to budget in a particular month, not spread over every month.

Are you please able to help? Thanks very much for your blog! Hey Leone. Happy budgeting!

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  6. Thanks for this list! It has a cute and clean interface, customizable categories and icons, and shows you graphs of your income and expenses AND pie charts of expense categories.

    Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps of

    It also will email you an excel or csv file of your data, with the category, date, and amount. This was an essential feature for me. Very cool, Hannah! I love your honest and down to earth approach. Thanks for making a nail biting task seem fun and doable! Hey guys, I just launched Budget Calendar for the iphone and android, please check it out.

    Thanks for the info! I am working on setting up the Family Sync on HomeBudget for myself and my hubby. Do we both need to purchase the app? I have been using BestBudget. For example, I wanted to increase our income starting from a new date and adjust the amounts we spent in different categories. But the money we had saved in the categories zeroed out. Does home budget let you adjust? Hope this question makes sense. Thanks for all the information on your blog!! I love Goodbudget. Use an app to tailor your budget to your needs and wants , and do your best to live within your […].

    Do any of these apps track what each user inputs? For example, when sharing a bank account, how to keep track of what each person using the account inputs. Good question, Myra. To add I am playing with PowerWallet https: It looks beautiful so far. My wife and I still begrudgingly use Mvelopes. Both graduates of the Dave Ramsey system. The app, both mobile and browser, are both sooooooo clunky and buggy. We are waiting for the day that they scrap the whole flash based thing and rewrite the app in beautiful HTML. We created MyMoneyPicture as a simple application that helps you track your expenses, monitor account balances, and compare actual spending to your budget.

    It is free, and does not need access to your accounts. Spending is entered manually to increase awareness. Check it out: One that also incorporates receipt capture would be golden. Not too interested in analysis feature. This Budget Beast has been a very slow learning process for me. I have been using a free manual app called Expense IQ to keep track of every transaction.

    It has a lot of nice Report features yay pie charts! Our first paycheck of the month comes in on the 5th, so it kept telling me I was under or over budget once the 1st of the month passed, but I was not on a new influx of cash yet! That feature became pretty much useless to me. Do you know of any apps that are more flexible with budget parameters? See http: Anyone have any opinions or feedback on Mvelopes?

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    I have a friend who swears by their product. Any help would be appreciated. Looking for something to help on the month to month budgeting. Thank you. Foreceipt also save all your receipts and data directly into your Google Drive so that you will never worry about losing your receipts and data. Foreceipt syncs your data crossing multiple devices automatically so that your family could work on one budget: You could download Foreceipt app here: I came across grandbudget a while back.

    I found it very easy to use. Highly recommend it for anyone who wants a simple app. It took me a while to understand the import feature but once setup its easy. With my limited internet connection, I downloaded at least 8 in my research. Our bank is small so apps like MINT cannot access our online checking account to show our balance.

    My husband and I are new at having a joint checking account and we use our debit cards frequently, so we are looking for a way to keep each other aware of daily expenses and our checking account balance. Which app is best for that and are there any apps to manage checking accounts that also automatically pull up our online credit card account information? Or would we need to use a separate app for online credit card accounts? Please check Foreceipt App https: You could also set a monthly budget so that you could know where your money goes and how much you could spend each month.

    Hi guys great list. Im looking for an app but still want to use the old paycheck to paycheque method. Any help? I recently downloaded Spendbook on your advice. Do you or anyone reading this blog happen to know how to do it? Any super comprehensive software that you know of? I would go so far as small business software if I thought it would do the trick. Until I have a clientele that will provide me a somewhat steady monthly income to depend on, which app do you suggest I use that will allow me to budget what I can spend now in order to be prepared for my next months payments? Hi Hannah, sorry for the delay!

    For your situation, YNAB might be a really good option. Their entire system is based off a spend-what-you-made-last-month approach, so that despite not having a fixed income, you can still keep your earnings and spending in check. Michael uses Excel but there are many apps including free ones you can use to help you […]. Currently, I do it by hand, I sit down each payday and look at what bills are going out that week so I know how much is left over and how much of that we can use for fun money. If you use Windows, there is Piggylog, where you can put your income and spending on monthly OR weekly basis piggylog.

    All their apps are manual entry only, though that can be partially automated. Have you checked out Every Dollar from Dave Ramsey? Curious as to how it compares to YNAB. Doing so will save you significant time and […]. So I got the home budget app paid for myself but in order to sync with my husband, does he have to purchase it on his phone as well? I started using the Home Budget App, but I noticed one of the permissions it requires is the ability to access your phone call information and make phone calls. Any comment on this?

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    Have you noticed increases on your phone bills, or weird numbers coming on your phone? I am a little sketched out by this and wanted some feedback regarding it. I came across your website and found it quite helpful.

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    I have noticed that many people are looking for different capabilities out of their apps or programs. Please provide your opinion on what app or program you would recommend for the simplest way of categorizing bank AND credit card transactions automatically from linking bank information.

    Spend, save, and give toward what's important in life

    It is also important to have the ability to modify, add or eliminate categories. I would not be so much interested in balancing checkbooks, etc. Thank you! Financial tools might be very complicated to control, I suggest to use simple goal trackers. Does such an app exist? So, what I mean is, it automatically recalculates the spending amount in each category based on what the income is that gets inputted, keeping it current as income fluctuates.

    I like PocketGuard most of all.

    They are new and have fresh ideas. It helps me to decide whether I can buy what I want or no. Level Money offers a unique take on the iPad budget app. It takes a look at your accounts from afar, and then gives you advice to help you build up your budget in the best way. You can track all your transactions and your balance, then prioritize specific savings options. It all leads to specific instructions on how much you can spend each day, week and month to meet your budget requirements.

    Spendee has several welcome features for a mobile budget app. First, it was clearly designed with a mobile-first perspective. The features and controls offer swift access with just a few taps, making it extra-easy to view accounts, create new categories, and instantly add transactions as as soon as you have made them.

    You can also export data to Google Drive, Excel and other software. Goodbudget is another great app for beginning budgeters and those who like to organize their money based on general categories. There are also simple ways to see exactly how the percentage of your spending in certain categories affects your budget, and how much you have left to spend in a category before you really, really need to stop.

    This is a great choice for controlling specific areas of your spending life. This app offers you around different calculations to help you think about mortgage payments, car loans, investment returns, and much more, making it much easier to forecast future expenses for sharp budget planning. This is a great median iPad budget app for those who want to do some serious future planning and perhaps even develop their own formulas but still want to keep finances simple.

    Yes, the name really says it all. This app takes your finances a month at a time, letting you examine due payments, overdue payments, and future payments one at a time. You can adjust your overall budget from month to month as necessary, and export your finances to other platforms like Excel.